#1 Jet Black - Tape On

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#1 Jet Black - Tape On


Did you know that black is the most common hair color in the world? There are many shades of black and this color, #1, is the darkest shade. It suits those who have jet black hair. 
With Tape Hair Extensions from OakHair, you can get longer, fuller hair that lasts up to two months. The hair is made from 100 percent human hair of remy quality, which means all the strands point in the same direction. This ensures the hair looks great for a long period of time.
Our Tape Extensions consists of hair strands that are attached to a silicone weft (or skin weft) made to look like your hair scalp. On the silicone weft there is double-sided tape that you easily tape on to your own hair. This method is especially suited for those with thin hair.
One set consists of 20 pieces, each 3 cm wide (see Details below).
One set is enough for extending thin har and we recommende two sets for those with normal to thick hair, or those who want a lot of volume. 
If you need assistance or have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
OakHair recommends you get help from a trained hair extension stylist when attaching Tape Hair Extensions 


Color: #1 Jet Black

50 cm (19.6") / 60 cm (23.6")

The set consists of:
20 pre-taped pieces, around 3cm wide/piece