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#60 Light Blonde - Clip On

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#60 Light Blonde - Clip On


Typical Scandinavian blonde hair often has this cold, ash blonde shade. Those who don't have this color naturally normally get it through bleaching and silver shampoo. Compared to the platinum blonde color, this color is more of an ashy, cold shade.
With OakHairs luxurious Clip On Hair Extensions, you can extend your hair and get more volume in just a few minutes!

The hair is made from 100 percent human hair of remy quality, which means all the strands point in the same direction. This ensures the hair looks great for a long period of time.

One set consists of 7 different parts that you attach to the hair and remove whenever you want. 

One set is sufficient for extending thin - normal/thick hair and we recommend two sets for those who have thick hair or want alot of volume. 

If you need assistance or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!



Color: #60 Light Blond / ash blonde

Length and weight
40 cm/ 15.7" (100 g)   -  50 cm/19.6" (105 g)    -    65 cm/25.5" (110 g)

One set consists of: 
1 piece, 25 cm wide with 4 clips  - 1 piece, 20 cm wide with 3 clips  -  2 pieces, 10 cm  wide with 2 clips  -  3 pieces, 4 cm  wide with1 clip