#613 Platinum Blonde - Nail Hair/Hot Fusion

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#613 Platinum Blonde - Nail Hair/Hot Fusion




Do blondes have more fun? Women with this hair color sure do say so! #613 is a platinum blonde shade that most women get by bleaching or dyeing their hair. This hair color has been very popular throughout the years and has been seen on some of the world's famous sex symbols - Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Christina Aguilera among others, but it is also perfect for the rock-chic ladies such as Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga. 

Nail Hair Extensions from OakHair enables you to get hair extensions with keratin wax, which last 2-6 months. The hair is made from 100 percent human hair of remy quality, which means all the strands point in the same direction. This ensures the hair looks great for a long period of time.

Our Nail Hair Extensions consist of human hair where one end (the root) is attached to a bit of keratin wax. The keratin wax is fused with your hair using a Hot Fusion Connector and results in small bonds which are easy to care for and make it easy for you to style your hair like you normally do.

One package of Nail Hair Extensions consists of 50 keratin bonded strands (see more under Details), which is enough for adding volume and thickness to your hair. If you have normal – thick hair we recommend 100 – 125 strands.

If you need assistance or have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

OakHair recommends you get help from a trained hair extension stylist when attaching Nail Hair Extensions 



Color: #613 Platinum Blonde

50 cm (19.6") / 60 cm (23.6")

The set consists of:
50 strands, pre-bonded with keratin wax, 1 gram/strand.