How to choose the right color!


  1. Take a look at your hair in daylight. Does it have a more warm shade (golden or red tones), a neutral shade or a cool shade (ash tones)? Pick a hair extension color with warm (Golden), neutral or cool (Ash) shade (see descriptions of the colors).
  1. Look at the color that the last 10-15 centimeters of your hair has – this is the color you should get in hair extensions. Normally we have a bit darker hair in the roots and a bit lighter at the ends.
  1. The more colors you choose, the more likely it is to blend perfectly with your own hair. If you are doing hot fusion or cold fusion extensions, pick up to 3-4 different colors to blend with your own hair.
  1. Try the extensions on. Even if it isn’t a perfect match when you just hold the extensions up to your hair, normally the extensions will blend really well – especially if you have shoulder length hair or longer. However, please remember that if you take the extensions out of the package, you can no longer return the hair extensions to us. But if you see that the hair extensions are close to your own hair, but not exactly your hair color this should be fine as the hair extensions blend really well with your own hair!
  1. To be completely sure, you can also order one or more color samples from us. That way you can really see which color/colors to pick.