Tangle Teezer - Salon elite Original Pink

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Tangle Teezer - Salon elite Original Pink

Tangled hair? Never again with Tangle Teezer!

Sick of tangled hair?
Tangle Teezer is a new, revolutionary and award winning hair brush that gently detangles your unruly hair. Tangle Teezer leaves your hair soft and smooth with one stroke.

How does Tangle Teezer work?  
The secret is in the mix of long and short spikes that flex instead of pull the tangled hair. Tangle Teezer glides through the hair smoothly without pulling or tugging the hair. It can be used in both wet and dry hair.  

What types of hair can Tangle Teezer be used for? 
Tangle Teezer is very good for hair extensions, long or thick hair that easily tangles, children's hair, curly hair, and afro hair. It is also very good for those with a sensitive scalp. 

Use it for scalp massage! 
The soft spikes on the Tangle Teezer are great for scalp massage! 


Tangle Teezer has won many awards and was appointed a Hairdressers Journal Award in the category "Best Innovation".