Hot Fusion Extensions

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Hot Fusion Extensions are a popular method of applying permanent extensions. This method gives you gorgeous, long and full hair that looks natural - and with a minimum of work. These extensions consist of 100% real REMY hair of the best quality. Hot Fusion consists of keratin tufts at the hair root. These tufts are "welded" to your own hair using a Hot Fusion Connector. We recommend that you use a plastic shield to prevent loose hair from getting in the way. Hotfusion is also called nail hair extensions. You can remove your extensions with a hot fusion remover. NOTE! We do not recommend that private individuals install Hot Fusion Extensions themselves. Hot Fusion should be fitted at a professional hairdresser or a hair extensions salon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Hot Fusion Extensions are available in lengths of 50 cm and 60 cm in 100% real REMY hair!